Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Playing Catch Up

Having been away for over a week I had some catching up to do, so only a little quilting has happened.
The events with my Mom left me a bit unsettled so it has taken me a bit to get my mojo going again as well. 

Sadly the lovely like art consignment shop in the next town over is closing it's doors this weekend. Late last week I went out and collected my work. Here it will languish until I can get some time to take a road trip to a town an hour away where the Art Centre might put them in their gift shop. 

I find when I can't settle on a project, these slab blocks are great mindless work. Green done, blue ones up next. Hope to make some kind of rainbow quilt once they are all made.

I have started on my second Finish Along project but my machine was not happy so I had to take it apart and service it. Have not had a chance to get back to it since.

Sneak peek at the amazing job Chris did on my  Stash buster Quilt Along from Linda's blog last fall. Can't wait to get it trimmed up and bound.

One of the reasons I have not been quilting! 
But it got done today!

Just a bit more camera play, the only thing blooming so far.

And we can't forget the next baby sack!

Hubby is working the annual pulpmill shutdown for the next two weeks so it means I won't see much of him, hope that equals more quilting (however, sunshine does trump quilting when summer is so short!)

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Trip Home

I have nothing quilty to share as I just arrived back from a trip home to BC.

I saw more bears this trip than I have in a long time. Interesting to see a black mama with a brown cub.
I even saw a young grizzly on my way back yesterday but there were too many cars pulled over already to risk stopping to get a picture.

Mt Robson is always a favourite stop, unusual to see the top cloud free. Glad I stopped on the way down as it was clouded right in with all the rain on the way back.


Unfortunately this is what I arrived home to, my Mom being sent to Kamloops by ambulance.
She was in hospital for 4 days and was home by Friday. She is OK for now, but at 89 it was quite a scare. Saw big changes in her since last Thanksgiving, I will be spending more time out there this summer I think. 

I spent some time "smelling the flowers" while I was there, had fun playing with my new camera. As we have nothing blooming yet, this was a joy for me.

Hope to get back to regular life and some quilting this week, hope to have something quilty to share next post!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Lots of Finishes!

I have to start by apologizing to my Kamloops friends! They gave me these signed star blocks when I left 12 years ago and it is only now I am finishing the quilt. The top has been done for a long time but languished at the bottom of the "to be quilted" pile.
I am loving crawling all over it reading the signatures and remembering each of you!

My lovely friend Carole at Fresh Off the Frame quilted it for me. She also has a great tutorial for machine binding. I have always been a purist and finished my bindings by hand, but she has made me a convert. SO fast and easy, binding (from my binding scrap bin) was on and done in under an hour. 


Close up of the panto she used.

The finished baby sac and matching hat(s). The first hat was too large for a newborn so I adjusted and made a smaller one as well

 This hot mess could be an entire class on what NOT to do. I keeping thinking of my mother saying 
"haste makes waste"
In my hurry to get it finished, I ignored all my own rules. I spray basted it as I have been doing since the stuff appeared in the quilting world, but when I started to quilt it it puckered. So I decided it needed pins as well. 
error #1. I did not pull it apart and start from scratch, I just added pins.
#2. I didn't start in the middle.
#3 I continued to quilt even tho it was puckering again as my mind was not on the task, rather on other things going on in my life.
Now I am really unhappy with it and it will probably never get used for anything.
It is however my first Q2 FAL finish.

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Another finish from my Kamloops days. It was a block of the month in the now defunct Foundation Piecer magazine. Again Carole did a beautiful job quilting it for me.
I love how it looks with the black table in my dining room, I am loving seeing it hanging there every day.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

Will work for motorcycle............or at least my husband will! 
He acquired this new project as payment for some help he provided on a car repair.
It is not running yet, but hopefully we will get some rides in before summer is over.

So on that note, I am going to get brave and attempt to get my class 6 license.

Below is our guild challenge for this year, still in the conception stage, but I think today is a good day to get started. The blue near the top is the challenge "river" fabric. 

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See you on Friday for this week's finishes!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Slim Pickins

Have to say this is my only finish of late. Spring is a fleeting thing here in the north so I have just had to be outside in the sunshine. Have not touched a sewing machine in a week.

This was a gift for a friend's birthday this week.
(edit: I did this post quickly before work and didn't have the magazine in front of me, but the pattern is from Quilter's World Presents: Quilting on a Time Budget May 2014)

I did take a road trip yesterday, and pick up some new to me threads, so I am hoping to get to work on those UFO's this weekend.

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Have a great weekend!