Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Trip Home

I have nothing quilty to share as I just arrived back from a trip home to BC.

I saw more bears this trip than I have in a long time. Interesting to see a black mama with a brown cub.
I even saw a young grizzly on my way back yesterday but there were too many cars pulled over already to risk stopping to get a picture.

Mt Robson is always a favourite stop, unusual to see the top cloud free. Glad I stopped on the way down as it was clouded right in with all the rain on the way back.


Unfortunately this is what I arrived home to, my Mom being sent to Kamloops by ambulance.
She was in hospital for 4 days and was home by Friday. She is OK for now, but at 89 it was quite a scare. Saw big changes in her since last Thanksgiving, I will be spending more time out there this summer I think. 

I spent some time "smelling the flowers" while I was there, had fun playing with my new camera. As we have nothing blooming yet, this was a joy for me.

Hope to get back to regular life and some quilting this week, hope to have something quilty to share next post!


  1. We don't get bears here. How awesome to see one on the road. Hope your mum's health improves quickly.

  2. Sorry about your mom. Lucky you to have a new camera. I still have my little point and shoot : )