Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer Quilting

We have been having some absolutely gorgeous weather of late so not much quilting progress.
I do have yoyos made (these are not sewn down yet) but realized I only counted enough for one tree!! and the yellow ones don't work on the yellow background. The weather has cooled a bit so I can stand to play with fabric so I will make more this evening

Progress on the baby quilts, can't wait to try some new to me quilting design in the wide open spaces.

This big painting project looms over me, but it will just be for cooler days. We are also getting to ready do roofing AND have a garage sale. Once these three big projects are out of the way I will be free to quilt and make some art!

We live above the 54th parallel so summer solstice is a big deal here.
The first photo was at 11 p.m on June 21 and the second was at midnight, that street light had just come on.

The weather was so fine this weekend, we dropped the chores and headed out for the first paddle of the summer.

Lakes are swampy here, but what a glorious day!

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  1. Gotta love those long summer nights!!!!

  2. Very cool to have such long days ; ) cute projects

  3. I'm already lamenting the fact that we've peaked and our days will shorten again. :-( It's hardly felt like summer to me. I can't wait to see those cute baby quilts done up. They already look great!

  4. Love the yo-yo tree and the block next to it with lovely flowers!

  5. I really like the top quilt. And I wonder where you live to have such long days! It's winter, which means lots of rain, in Auckland, NZ.

  6. I remember marvelling at being able to take photographs without a flash at 11pm in Stockholm. We have such short evenings. Even in daylight saving it is pretty much dark by 8pm. But by the same token in the dead of winter it is not dark until about 5.30pm

  7. I love your button-tree applique quilt. What a beauty!

  8. Such pretty projects... Looking forward to seeing your quilting on those baby quilts. So cute! Enjoy your summer paddling while you can!