Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Dog Ate My Homework or Why I Am Not Quilting

It is finally spring here and with spring comes our annual pulp mill maintenance shut down. What that means in our house is that hubby works two weeks straight of 12 hours days.
It also means it is time for my annual painting marathon.
While I am not fond of the mess, I do enjoy changing things up and having things look fresh and clean. 

While I have enjoyed this brown feature wall, it was looking worse for wear as dark colours quickly do.

So now it matches the rest of the room.

Again, I do like the colour of the bathroom, but it really needs freshening up. It will be this same colour so I am hoping for just one coat!

My yard is finally starting to bloom, AND I had a hummingbird at my petunias yesterday! I have never seen one this far north, but now friends tell me it just takes the right kind of flowers. 

I do sit and do hand work in the evenings still so I have finished this baby sack set. 

 And the binding is on my Stash Buster, my goal is to have it finished for our guild meeting next week. 
A block that did not turn out the correct size has become the label.

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  1. Your garden is looking lovely! And that baby sack, adorable.

  2. Really? You paint every year?
    Love the baby sack and matching hat. I'd need two though so I won't be making any for a while. At least the quilt is now complete with label and binding.

  3. Fresh paint and flowers...lovely and so uplifting! Sweet baby sack and quilt!

  4. Haha...great post title! I have been sidetracked by my garden, too. Look at your beautiful bleeding hearts! Also, how did you get such a black background in the shot of your baby sack and hat? It really shows off your knitting.

  5. I'm with Dolores...you re-paint every year? If you still have the itch, I've got a couple rooms that you can come help me paint! So glad to hear you had a hummingbird - do you know what kind? I get ruby throated at my house - they love the feeders and fuscia the most around here.

  6. Great idea to use an otherwise useless block into the quilt label. We don't get humming birds in OZ at all. What a treat! Bet you will plant petunias again.

  7. You're quite ambitious to paint alone. I don't like it : ) cute knitting

  8. the paint is great, much better!! The flowers are so gorgeous, thanks for showing them. I'm visiting from lily's small blogs page. LeeAnna Paylor my blog is Not Afraid of Color