Thursday, 17 July 2014


 Progress is once again being made! In August this project will be two years old! Only two and a half rows remain to be assembled. Then the task of sewing the rows together and taking all the papers out, hopefully that won't take another two years!
Once the top is assembled I am unsure how to proceed as the is my first EPP project. It will be accompanying us to BC for holidays so I can ask Katja's advice.

I decided I needed a new knitting bag as my new pattern holder does not fit in my old one. This awesome little bag from Noodlehead worked up in under two hours!

Linking up with Help for Hexie-aholics at sarah did it.

Have a great rest of the week......


  1. Your hexies are looking good. Hope to see you when you come out!

  2. Lovely colours, lovely project, keep going as there is not long to go!

  3. I just CANNOT decide on a setting for my hexies. Oh well. Nice pouch too

  4. Just love those hexis - well worth the wait when they look that great : )

  5. After seeing your update, I'm thinking I might need to start mine over. I love the border fabric and the coordinating solids I chose but they just don't have any oomph in this pattern. Yours has so much movement and "life" to it! I've only got 6 blocks done with the solids so it's not such a big deal but I worry I won't ever get back to it unless I change something. I'm sure I can do something else with the solids...