Wednesday, 16 July 2014

To Crosshatch or Not to Crosshatch

that is the question right now......What do you think? Should I quit while I like it (once I finish the lines all the way to that bottom corner) or forge on the try something new and possibly be unhappy? I have the time, no babies due for a while............

I am taking the Craftsy Class, Creative Quilting with Your Walking Foot, thinking how hard can it be anyways, I have been doing it for years. Wow, have I learned a lot, and quickly relearned that I cannot sew a straight line.

My walking foot does not have a hole to hold the guide bar, so this is how we improvise. I just had the one piece on the back, but the guide was floppy and not accurate, so a second piece of duct tape was in order

Registration lines are essential! They help immensely as we all tend to curve off in one direction or another

Now that we are past the half way point of the year I decided to revisit my list of things to do this year. The list says 100 but I only made it to 50. So far I have done 16 and half another half dozen or so well under way.

One goal was to swim for 60 minutes, and I now up to 1500 M in 40-45 minutes, so that goal should be accomplished in the next month or two. I am swimming so much I wore out my swim cap, this happened as I tried to put in on this morning!

 We spent the weekend camping at a local campground, trying to escape all the craziness that was going on in town and to rest and relax while we were having the hottest days in years!
We have many, many forest fires burning to the north and west of us so we have a haze of smoke hanging around. While it is not a comfortable issue for many people, it sure makes for some amazing sunsets!

We went to a pancake breakfast put on by the historical society, then toured around the old buildings on the site.
For my knitting friends, these are hand knit real wool long johns.........I am sure they are amazingly warm but wow they were scratchy!

And some well used and darned socks, a bit softer but you would need a size larger boots to accommodate how bulky they are!

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  1. Well the quilting stopping point is always a hard one. I think it depends on what you were to try. With so many lines I think you will need a little bit in the word area yet. Maybe the opposite direction? The reason being it will want to stretch and bunch with what you have not except that corner. What were you thinking?

  2. Awesome job on reaching some of your goals Margaret! Swimming would be the last on my list as I don't know how to swim..... Oh if only I lived in Peace River! lol
    Your quilting is looking great! I'm going to bite the bullet and learn tp domestic quilt. To hire a professional each time would be a little costly. I've ordered some books and plan to study and practice - now that you see it in writing, I'll need to follow through - ooops!
    The photo of the lake is wonderful - hand on to it for a super photo quilt or landscape art quilt.
    Enjoy your summer!

  3. If you like what you have, stop!
    On the other hand...if you want to see what crosshatching looks like on a quilt, now is a perfect opportunity to go for it!
    Helpful, hey? Maybe yes, maybe no! lol
    I've never ruined a quilt with "too much quilting", have you? The extra stitching might make the quilt a bit stiffer, but it will be washed a million times and soften up, anyway.
    Now I want to see what you end up doing. :-) P.S. Beautiful sunset shot. Is that Lac Cardinal?

  4. The quilting looks fabulous, Margaret! I would stop.... And then try some crosshatching on a practice piece first. Just to see if you like it. It will make the quilt quite stiff. Good for you on accomplishing so much during the first half of the year. What a swimmer you are! Enjoy the rest of your summer!