Monday, 25 August 2014

3rd Blog-aversary

175 posts and over 25,000 pageviews later, I am still enjoying this blog as much as I did on the very first day. I love the interaction with other blogs and seeing that I have visitors from all over the world. Thank you all for making this a great adventure!

We seem to have been pretty busy this summer with projects and family visits, so the blog is feeling a bit neglected. Summer is winding down, temperatures are cooling and the feel of fall is in the air here in the north, so I will be back in the sewing room soon. I have lots of plans!

I have still been knitting as that is easy to do in front of the TV in the evening. We had a couple of rough days here with some disappointing news so the need to knit was strong (I should be working on finishing my hexie quilt!) as it is a comforting thing for me. Something about the feel of the wool and the rhythm of clicking needles.

I bought this book last winter and was excited to try something with the wool I came home from holidays with. So, so disappointed.............the patterns are not at all well written and assume you know a lot, that is not my definition of easy. 

These are the mittens from the front cover, my best attempt at deciphering the pattern, it gives you a little pattern repeat graph for the cable but only refers to it once at the very beginning of the where you should start cabling. I did a swatch to test the gauge, but in the end it was not a good match as they are too loosely knit to provide much warmth. I could not leave the first one all alone so I am working on the second one and they will be a donation to the church mitten tree. 

I did get the crosshatching done on the second eat, play quilt, and hope to get it bound today or tomorrow. I need to stop procrastinating and get to my guild challenge project! It will be the only thing I work on after this, until it is done and off my plate!

I have not been in the pool for over a month and this week is the last week before their annual month long maintenance closure so I best get moving!
Have a great week. 


  1. Congrats on the blogging milestone! Love the cross hatching on the quilt.

  2. WTG Margaret! You have been one busy lady. Love the Eat, Pray and Sleep quilt and your quilting is Awesome! Congratulations on your third year.... It takes a lot of time and discipline to keep your blog active. Kudos to you for that! Sorry I couldn't be there tonight.... Give Jayme and Avery a big hug from up top - k?

  3. Happy blogiversary! Too bad about the poorly written pattern book. Your quilt looks great!

  4. Sorry to hear you've had some rough days and then had to struggle with the book too. Congrats on your blogiversary!!
    We never really hit summer here so to hear that you are cooling off made me laugh. Today is probably going to be our hottest day of the summer and then we will be back to the cool damp days we have had all summer. Mother Nature is really off her game this year...

  5. Congrats on another blogaversary. Is fun isn't it? Sorry about your news. I need to get back to my knitting. The one sock won't do me any good.......