Monday, 15 September 2014

A real knitter now?

The joke among quilters is that you are not a "real" quilter until you have multiple projects on the go at once, which in turn produces multiple UFO's (unfinished objects).

I am finding that for a variety of reasons, I have multiple knitting projects on the go. So, does that now make me a "real" knitter?

-Above from top left is my new mitten project from my Craftsy Class, Mittens and Gloves Galore. I will only have gloves left to try from that class after this.

-Top right are the epic fail mittens from the book mentioned a few posts ago, they are now done but I think I am going to try felting them a bit to see if I can make them less loose and hence warmer! I hate these mittens so I have nothing to lose. 

-Bottom right are my beloved socks, if you look closely you can see I broke the needle. I cannot buy that size in town so my lovely hubby ventured into the quilt shop in Canmore for me this weekend and picked up a new one. I am excited to carry on and get them finished so I can make more!

-bottom left are another pair of mittens, I am still trying to find the right pattern for all the yarn I acquired at that garage sale this summer. These are still not quite right but MUCH better than the previous pair. These I will actually donate to the mitten tree at church (without embarrassment!) which was part of my intention when I made that purchase. 

Late summer weather has returned for a bit so I am off to soak up as much of it as I can while I still can! Have a great week. 


  1. I heard a cute saying today. "If it moves, knit something for it!"
    I think you could .......: )

  2. I laugh about the UFO's..... if that is the criteria, I'm definitely a "real knitter." Lol. I currently have 4 projects on the needles, all no where near completion. I'm starting to get that way with my quilting and it's scaring me :-/ LOVE the socks BTW!

    ~ Hugs ~

    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie