Monday, 8 September 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I was tagged for this hop by Carole of Fresh off the Frame. If you have hopped over from her blog, welcome! If you haven't met Carole before, please click on the link and enjoy her story. Be sure to check out her art quilts and amazing long-arm skills. 

The "Around the World" hop is like a giant chain winding through the blogosphere. Follow the links backward to see all who came before me in the chain.

The next step would be to tag three more bloggers but unfortunately I dropped the ball on this part, as none of my favourite bloggers were available to join the hop. 
But I can carry on and answer the questions posed........

1) What am I working on?

A better question would be, what am I NOT working on? It seems I am happiest when I have multiple projects on the go. I get bored easily and need to have something else to jump to when I run out of steam on a project. As a result I am a real UFO queen, with an embarrassingly long list. 

A number of years ago I discovered mixed media art and have take a few classes to try to hone my skills and develop my own style. I have done lots of faceless girls and am now working on adding features to my whimsical creations. 

Near the same time I rediscovered a love of knitting and have spent time the last few winters, learning to knit cables, mittens, gloves and am now completing my first pair of socks.

I also recently opened an Etsy shop and the next two photos are projects I am hoping to add soon.

The guild river challenge, continues to be a challenge!

And this year's donation to the Festival of Trees is under way, much earlier than usual, yay me! LOL

2) How does my work differ from others in this genre?

I really don't see myself as in any specific genre, but if I had to say, maybe modern traditional? I love to piece, especially with bright colours, machine applique and am working to hone my machine quilting skills. I differ I suppose in the fact that I haven't completely embraced the whole modern movement and lean more towards the traditional side. I love to look at art and landscape quilts, but I don't seem to enjoy creating them, hence the rive challenge being a challenge for me.

3) Why do I write/create what I do?

I suppose my answer is the same as many creative people, because I have to! I get really grumpy when have no time to create, when I am doing other necessary things, I am continually thinking, day dreaming about what I could be working on. I believe it to be in my DNA, I have some wonderfully creative aunties whom I am often compared to.

4) How does my writing/creative process work

Yesterday was probably a really good example. It was a rainy, very cool day so I was very inspired to stay inside and work on my projects. 
I started with the art project, I have been stalling on the face but finally felt ready to tackle it. I can only go so far and I have to wait for things to dry completely. Then I moved to the sewing room to work on the Etsy projects for an hour or so. I knew we had dinner plans but I wanted to fit in some knitting so I moved to that project for the last hour. I find I procrastinate terribly on projects I am not excited by or feel capable of doing a really good job on, my inner perfectionist starts screaming in my ear, really, really loudly. 

My body does not allow me to sit at my sewing machine for endless hours so most evenings you will find me on the sofa watching TV and either knitting or working on my EPP hexie project, rarely are my hands idle in the evenings, actually feels really weird if they are. 

So there you go, enough about me, but if you find yourself intrigued by this hop and want to join in please consider yourself tagged! Blog the questions next Monday the 15th, link back to me and tag your favourite bloggers.

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Have a great week!


  1. Looks to me like your challenge piece is almost there! Mine is still at the drawing stage, but I'm finally ready to make the first cut. (Is it the last minute yet???) I love the Buggy Barn block you've chosen for your festival piece. Thanks for joining the hop, Margaret!

  2. Always fun to pop by here and see what you are up to : )

  3. My first visit to your blog....glad to meet ya! Love your star with heart pattern especially.

  4. You sound a lot like me. ;) Enjoyed readying your post and getting to know you.

  5. So nice to be able to get to know you a little better! I love your art work. And am heading over to your Etsy shop now to snoop around!

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