Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Alberta Day

It's Alberta day at Blogathon Canada!
You can check out the links at She Can Quilt and Everyday Fray, as well as the chance to win some great giveaways. As well don't forget our hosts at Sew Sisters also have a giveaway every day this week. 

I realized I have not shared any of our hike pictures since the weather made a definite turn into winter. The first one is up the Old Twelve Foot Davis road, if you are a local you will know. This is the day our rambunctious lab x decided she had her own agenda and we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find her. Thankfully someone found her and called us.......phew.....

This one is along my regular walking route but just loved the sun on the freezing up know it's cold when that starts to happen. 

 The festival quilt is up at the show, looking a bit lonely, but I will post more pics once the venue is all decorated and we see how much she goes for!

As Christmas approaches it is getting hard to find things to share as pretty much everything I am working on are gifts.
But here is my tote made from the first Downton Abbey fabric line.......big fan, big, big fan of that show so I had to have a bit of that fabric in something. 

An art commission piece in progress, been a long time since I made any art!

And the beginning of my quilt as you go iPad bag.

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  1. That art piece is looking really good! Very wintery! Not unlike your hiking photos... Those are some wonderful scenic pics.

  2. Your hiking photos make me wish I was there! It looks like you have a lot of wonderful projects going. Love the art project! Love the Downton bag - the main fabric was one of my favorites!

  3. Lovely work in progress , visiting via the blogathon , nice to meet you .

  4. Always lots going on hey? Me too : )
    It looks really cold in your part

  5. Love your Downton abbey baggey, I did the Dowager quilt using the same fabrics. Thanks for being a port of the blogathon.

  6. I love your star and heart quilt, and the cause it's going towards! I will definitely be back to see more of the pieced hexagon quilt.

  7. Yup, your pictures look like Alberta right now! I love your star quilt and also your hobo bags. Those are pretty neat.

  8. Love to see the Downton bag finished. Mine is still sitting waiting to be done as I still have not yet put the outer border on my Dowager Countess quilt☺

  9. I love your Heart and star pattern ( looks like one of the Buggie Barn patterns) and your lovely knitting. I have never knit socks or aspired to but I admire other people who do more complex knitting. I do make frilly scarves but not much else in the knitting area. Glad you found your beautiful lab too- pets are special friends to us.
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. Hope you meet lots of new friends.
    Regards from Edmonton,

  10. Nice bag. The Downton Abbey fabric is sure pretty.