Thursday, 27 November 2014

Festival of Trees

Here's the only shot I got of last Sunday's hike up Pat's Creek trail, it was too cold and my phone shut down when I tried to get one coming back down into town.
This is Sully my Shepherd x, who does come back when he's called! No off leash romping this time after our adventure of searching for Stella a few weeks ago.

Here is the Buggy Barn quilt all prettied up by it's new neighbours. I am sad to say that it only raised $750 for the event, WAY down from previous years. However, that is now $750 that the Women's Shelter has to spend on much needed necessities that they did not have before. 

And now a few of my favourite entries.
These cuties were made by the kids at the local Francophone elementary school.

This piece totally enthralled me, the snowflake is all string on nails...

And my art commission all done and off to it's new owner. 

Tis the season for secret projects so nothing sewing or knitting related to show until after the big day!
I am off to BC tomorrow (snowstorm permitting) to be with my family for my Mom's 90th birthday on Monday.
Have a great week!


  1. Heh Margaret! Happy to hear the quilt auction was successful! I've yet to get to the Festival.... sorry.
    Enjoy your precious time with your family and especially your mother! This snow will pass... some... day... lol
    I like that hiking trail. Once my broken toe has healed, I'm coming to join you. It's time our dogs met. lol
    Take care.

  2. Guess the economy is hitting all round if this years ticket sales were less b ut even so, that's a good figure to pass on for the shelter!
    Just adore the xmas tree snowmen idea!! Almost wish I had a white tree now!

  3. Your commissioned piece is so cute Margaret