Wednesday, 28 January 2015

WIP Wednesday

What the hex?!
I finished round 2

I have round three all prepped and ready to stitch,
I need 12 of the left one and 6 of the right, 15 more to go.
Don't think I will have it done by Saturday but it will be close.
Sunday the next rosette gets published!

But this girl cannot live by hexies alone, must have knitting!
If you want to play outside in the winter here in the great white north , you need a hat that covers your ears. I am just about to add the ear flaps, and I think there may just be enough for some mittens too! Haha, there is lots, that was one ginormous ball of yarn.

Progress has been made on my APQ challenge for January, getting ready to get it sandwiched and I will attempt to quilt circles echoing the appliques and I think overlapping.

The "dog ate my mittens" replacements are done and ready to mail to my daughter. 

I have had lots of inquiries about my knitting patterns, and I have to say they come from a variety of sources, but mainly Craftsy classes and patterns, and Ravelry. I am a pretty basic knitter but am enjoying how my skills have grown over that last couple of years. 

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

Why work on just one project when you can work on four or five?
Variety is the spice of life they say! 

My January UFO challenge for the All People quilt challenge. 
Starting photo is at the bottom of this post.

Reading here about this challenge inspired my friend Alice to join in and she already has her January project finished and at guild show and tell last week!

Green scraps sorted, pressed and ready to cut but my poor back needed to take a break.

The scrap vomit bin continues to fill

The "dog ate my mitten" replacement. Weirdly in love with those awesome yarn cylinders from my new yarn winder.

All the blocks are made, on to attaching them. Still have one more round of 18 to do before the end of the month, better hop to it!

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Saturday, 17 January 2015


As my regular readers know, I have become somewhat addicted to English Paper piecing, specifically Katja's hexagons.
It all began with this project, which, no, is not finished, but it's close!
And then Katja wrote a book with the patterns for all those blocks, The New Hexagon, published by Martingale.
Katja, being who she is couldn't stop there, so she came up with a new brilliant plan and off we go again!

She has created The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt Along, a new design all based on the blocks in the book, take special note of block 44 when you get YOUR copy of the book :) 
Details are in the link above.
There is also a facebook page where there are almost 900 of us from all over the world playing along, oh the eye candy!!

photo from her webpage of some of the rosettes.

my centre and first round

working on fabric choices and fussy cutting for the second round

second round cut, basted and ready to stitch.
One more round after this one to complete January's rosette which will measure approx 36" across when complete.

After all the hours spent prepping that round I needed a little break, so I knit this hat for my niece, it is now the 8th hat I have knit in this pattern. Maybe it is time find a new pattern?.........or not, they all love their hats and I enjoy knitting it.

I have almost all of these blocks pieced, then I promised myself I could cast on mittens for my daughter, apparently a dog at the dog park grabbed one of hers off her hand and promptly ate it!

I will work on the second block as well, because I really want to have this rosette done at the end of the month so I can attempt to keep up!
Hope you consider purchasing Katja's book and playing along with all of us!

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

January Scraptastic Tuesday

Welcome to January's edition of Scraptastic Tuesday.

This is the Tinker Tote I made for my sister for Christmas, so I finally get to show you the final Christmas project! 

I really enjoy making these and already have a black and red one planned, not so much scrappy but a bunch of FQ's I have been collecting for the perfect project.

This is my big scrappy project for this year, Candy Coated from Sunday Morning Quilts.
All the blues you see here (there are some super oldies!) are from my blue scrap bin, which is now completely empty. I do want to make this quilt a queen size so I will now be hitting up the blue section of my stash as well. 

The little squares are the beginning of the cutting for my scrap vomit quilt.

The green bin is up next, yes, it looks like there are blues in there, but next to the blues they look green. This is what the blue bin looked like prior to all the pressing and cutting.
The neutral bin will then get the same treatment and I should be ready to sew. 
I am contemplating doing this with all my scrap bins and making this quilt over and over in multiple colourways.

Also planning on jumping on this bandwagon this year as well..........I am always late to the party! 
This is the FQ bundle I bought to play along with and I have to admit I have cut up some of it already for my new hexie project tho!

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See you Saturday for my new hexie project reveal!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

Maybe I should have saved this for Finish it Up Friday???

I was on such a knitting role I just kept going after Christmas....

A super quick "Instahat" from a knit-a-long on Instagram

 Not the most flattering shot of me or my messy room, but......this is my new swift and ball winder my kids bought me for Christmas, it is super cool and I just LOVE it! 

 A hank of wool, becomes this! No more winding balls off the back of a dining room chair, or hubby's arms!

 Finished these mitts for my sister in the truck as we traveled home from Christmas, I should have taken a post wash and block shot, but you get the idea.

 Another super quick New's Year's knit, destined for the mitten tree at church next December

 Same with the second instahat, great way to use up left over yarn

 Mitts for my oldest, not a perfect finish as I was hurrying to finish before she left at Christmas. She is not the perfectionist I am so happily this does not bother her at all.

New Year's sale purchase at Prairie Knitting who I follow on Instagram, destined to be an awesome pair of socks. Love supporting an Alberta entrepreneur.

I have set aside the knitting, just for now, to work on my new hexie project, which I will unveil next week. 

Now on to some actual works in progress,
I have started sorting and pressing scraps for my Candy Coated scrap quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts

And here is my UFO challenge list

 The number this month is 4, which literally was on the bottom of a pile, so this is how it looked when I unearthed it. Hope to get it to at least the sandwiching stage.

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Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas project reveal

Finally, I can share all the gifts I knit for Christmas this year!

Scarf for a friend

 Toque for my sister's boyfriend

Thrummed slippers for my sister

 Scarf for another friend, cannot for the life of me figure out why I don't have a finished shot.........maybe I wrapped it before I thought of it? May have to borrow it back........

Slouchy hat for a niece, hard to get a good shot of a black hat! 

 Socks for my eldest daughter

Socks for my younger daughter

 Another slouchy hat for another niece, this one in charcoal

I do have a finished quilted gift but I am saving that for January's scraptastic Tuesday post. 

I have finished a few other quick knitted projects since Christmas but that is for another post after I get the pictures onto my computer.

I have also started a great new hexie project as well but that is being saved for a Hexie-holic post!
Apparently it is good to plan a few posts ahead.

Be back later in the week, catch you then!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

It's that time again, to hang the new calendar and start fresh. 
We were away for 10 days visiting and enjoying a big family Christmas, so it has taken me a little longer than usual to formulate my plan for 2015.

As I talked about this time last year, I don't do resolutions, I focus more on goals. 
So my personal goals this year are:

- to lose the weight I have gained back since my big loss in 2013, I refused to allow myself to slide back to where I was.
-to get a handle on my perfectionism, it has crept back up and is clouding the enjoyment of my creativity and personal life. I have long called myself a recovering perfectionist, time to get back on the program!

I read some great quotes on Jen Kingwell's  Instagram page yesterday that I will also keep in mind:

"Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace"
"Don't let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace" Dalai Lama

On the creative side my goals are:
-to participate in the allpeoplequilt's UFO Challenge 2015
-to knit something larger than mittens, hats and socks, a poncho perhaps.
-to work at improving my machine quilting skills.
-make more art
-scrapbook our last two trips, I am usually only one behind!

I'll be back soon with pics of all my holiday gifted projects.

In the meantime here are some holiday snaps of some of my favourite peeps!