Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WIP Wednesday-The Giant Sock Edtion

 I am a self taught sock knitter, so I thought taking a live class would help me with some of the things I struggle with like the gusset and closing the toe opening.

They provided the yarn and the pattern and I proceeded to knit, 13 inches worth, and the thing is HUGE! BUT.........I wanted a knee sock so I decided to try it on for length and the darn thing fits perfectly around my calves.........which I never thought of as overly large! I think the ankle will be baggy but that is OK, they are a heavier sport weight wool sock that will go inside my snowshoeing boots or will become nice warm house socks. 
Here is where I stop until Sunday's class where we will turn the heel (my favourite part!)

Progress on the colorwork mitten, I can add the thumb now that I have the sock ready for the next class. 

Rosette #2 is prepped, but will make a change to those 5 triangles touching those inner blue rectangles, it needs a pink or orange pop (maybe green?), they just disappear right now. 

Due to my evening knitting obsession, I only have three and a half blocks sewn, that orange and green one still needs the rectangle sides sewn up.

The blue and green scraps finally all cut up! Yah!

Now for the neutral tub and then we might actually be able to start sewing on this project. Good thing I left myself lots of time.

 In the process that scrap vomit bin fills as well. 

February's APQ Resolution challenge was my slab blocks, the last green ones are done and three pink under my belt. Maybe Saturday will see me get the last four of those done, before they announce the March number on the list. I had no goal on this one, so progress is acceptable. 

We had a snow dyeing demo at guild in January, so I have been playing with that too. The two to the far right are done with the demo'd method but I wasn't pleased at the pastel outcome so I made some adjustments to the "fix" and am much more pleased. The yellow on the red/pink piece is a result of less that stellar clean up of the strainer and hey I love the outcome!

Another red piece in the works. I am just working through all the scrap white fabrics I had hanging around and a bunch of "tired" procion dyes that have been untouched in my craft cupboard for at least three years. 

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

WIP Wednesday

I have fallen into a rhythm of just posting on Wednesdays it seems, but I am OK with it for now.

My only FO (finished object) this week, but I am over the moon happy with them! They are now on a towel on the bathroom floor drying after being washed and blocked. Can't wait to wear them. As my besties leave on their tropical vacations I need something about being left behind this year to be fun and exciting....however small. 

So, of course I had to cast on something new, seems every new pair I make are my new favourites!
This is my first attempt at colourwork and so far so good. With the help of a craftsy class, a ravelry forum and a book I bought I am figuring out about how to hold two strands. Also something I was not aware of is colour dominance, which is about which colour becomes the foreground. It is manipulated by being consistent about how you hold your strands. Because I am trying to figure out a comfortable way to hold and work with my second strand, if you look closely you can see the bottom portion has the burgundy as dominant, the last few rows I changed how I held that second strand and the burgundy fades back. So glad I figured that part out at this point and not further up.

Also, I forgot that yesterday was Hexie-Aholic day!

Hung out with a friend on Sunday so while she sewed on her machine I sat and FINALLY finished Rosette one. Yah!!

And here is what I have of Rosette two basted and ready to go, sure hope my glue is my mailbox today!

Saturday was a guild sewing day so I dragged along my January APQ UFO to start quilting on. I knew I wanted circles and set about my house looking for appropriate round things to trace. I had a unique assortment, including my canning pot lid! Hence the circles are not perfectly concentric but I am ok with that. I want them to overlap but some of the circles are too far apart so I will add some "ghost" circles in those areas. No more progress has been made on February's project, but again I am OK with that, I don't have a particular goal on that one, other than to just make some progress. 

I am baking cookies today (and eating dough of course) so I need to head out for my walk, then I will get my machine unpacked and decide what project I want to make some progress on. 

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Thursday, 12 February 2015


Some is better than none, right?

I am now finding this rosette quite awkward to hang on to and sew, so progress has slowed to a crawl. Only six more to add so I will get it done by the end of the weekend.

The only projects I seem to finish these days are my knitting ones, perhaps that is why I choose to knit only small things, to feel like I actually accomplish stuff.

I did actually sit at the sewing machine for a few minutes this week
Got my Canadian valour quilt block contribution completed

Made some scrappy progress on my slab blocks, it is my February UFO and this week was Scraptastic Tuesday after all. (I have been busy working at the paying job so I am just a couple of days late!). The green blocks are done, moving on the red and pink next.

A bit more scrap cutting progress on my strips for my future Candy Coated quilt

Rosette #2 in the Millefiore has been started (and rearranged by passing dogs) but I have run out of glue so it awaits that delivery. Maybe I will have #1 one by then?

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have not reached the point yet where I have more than one knitting project on the go, which is probably why so far, I have only tackled smaller projects. That doesn't mean I don't have those piles of wool and patterns lined up just like quilting projects.

These aren't officially works in progress but they are next in the knitting line-up
My next knitting challenge is colourwork so the so the above photo is me prepping for the Stranded Colourwork class on Craftsy. Oh My this baby alpaca yarn is sooooo soft!

Finished my Tobnoggan earflapped hat, one needs one of these to play outside in the winter up here. I am not normally much of a blocker but I think this project needs some.

And some Bella mitts to go with, the ball of yarn shows the colour a little truer than the hat.

 Millefiore progress, last round of Rosette #1 being sewn on

and prep work for Rosette #2 in progress.

My APQ resolution challenge for January landed just where I had hoped, at the sandwiched stage. It will come with me to the next guild sewing day on the 14th to start the quilting. My GrandQuilter is going for a service on Friday so I should be all ready to go!

The February draw was #7 and on my list that is my slab blocks. I was disappointed it was this project as I am totally not inspired to work on them. However I knew I had some ideas in Pinterest so I printed out this picture from the Blueberry Patch blog, did some calculations and feel like maybe I can make some progress now. My green blocks are 15.5, but I am going to trim them down and make all the rest of the blocks 12.5 to get a quilt about 84x96. 

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