Thursday, 12 February 2015


Some is better than none, right?

I am now finding this rosette quite awkward to hang on to and sew, so progress has slowed to a crawl. Only six more to add so I will get it done by the end of the weekend.

The only projects I seem to finish these days are my knitting ones, perhaps that is why I choose to knit only small things, to feel like I actually accomplish stuff.

I did actually sit at the sewing machine for a few minutes this week
Got my Canadian valour quilt block contribution completed

Made some scrappy progress on my slab blocks, it is my February UFO and this week was Scraptastic Tuesday after all. (I have been busy working at the paying job so I am just a couple of days late!). The green blocks are done, moving on the red and pink next.

A bit more scrap cutting progress on my strips for my future Candy Coated quilt

Rosette #2 in the Millefiore has been started (and rearranged by passing dogs) but I have run out of glue so it awaits that delivery. Maybe I will have #1 one by then?

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  1. For someone that has a paying job, you seem to get a lot done!

  2. Oh, those mittens! You whipped those up pretty quickly. Amazing!
    Do you worry that you'll be making scrap quilts forever? Seems like a lot of strips in that bin. :-)

  3. You have lots on the go! I think you have done well considering the paying job and the variety of projects! Looking forward to seeing more of your slab blocks in different colours though green is my fav! Thanks for joining us at #scraptastictuesday

  4. Oh, those rosettes are gorgeous. I'm impressed with the patience you must have! I love the green slabs!

  5. Everything is gorgeous!!!!
    I haven't even thought about fabrics for #2 yet. This weekend is another retreat. Depending on how much they need me (I guess I am the quilting equivalent of a golf pro at these things) I am still working on #1. I have kind thought about making sure some of the gold fabric is in each rosette but I'll need to get more from the store first...

  6. So many charming projects! I like the contrast between the slab blocks and the rosettes. It must give your mind a rest to work on them together. Beautiful fabrics.