Wednesday, 18 February 2015

WIP Wednesday

I have fallen into a rhythm of just posting on Wednesdays it seems, but I am OK with it for now.

My only FO (finished object) this week, but I am over the moon happy with them! They are now on a towel on the bathroom floor drying after being washed and blocked. Can't wait to wear them. As my besties leave on their tropical vacations I need something about being left behind this year to be fun and exciting....however small. 

So, of course I had to cast on something new, seems every new pair I make are my new favourites!
This is my first attempt at colourwork and so far so good. With the help of a craftsy class, a ravelry forum and a book I bought I am figuring out about how to hold two strands. Also something I was not aware of is colour dominance, which is about which colour becomes the foreground. It is manipulated by being consistent about how you hold your strands. Because I am trying to figure out a comfortable way to hold and work with my second strand, if you look closely you can see the bottom portion has the burgundy as dominant, the last few rows I changed how I held that second strand and the burgundy fades back. So glad I figured that part out at this point and not further up.

Also, I forgot that yesterday was Hexie-Aholic day!

Hung out with a friend on Sunday so while she sewed on her machine I sat and FINALLY finished Rosette one. Yah!!

And here is what I have of Rosette two basted and ready to go, sure hope my glue is my mailbox today!

Saturday was a guild sewing day so I dragged along my January APQ UFO to start quilting on. I knew I wanted circles and set about my house looking for appropriate round things to trace. I had a unique assortment, including my canning pot lid! Hence the circles are not perfectly concentric but I am ok with that. I want them to overlap but some of the circles are too far apart so I will add some "ghost" circles in those areas. No more progress has been made on February's project, but again I am OK with that, I don't have a particular goal on that one, other than to just make some progress. 

I am baking cookies today (and eating dough of course) so I need to head out for my walk, then I will get my machine unpacked and decide what project I want to make some progress on. 

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  1. Fantastic mittens - love that the snow can't get between the mittens and the coat sleeve. I HATE that! Can't wait to see more of the color work mitts - I can see the front/back aspect of the red/white and I'm not sure which I like better. I would almost say make one mitt of each and see if anyone notices/prefers but that's a lot of work for an experiment. Congrats on finishing rosette #1 - it looks fantastic!