Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday Finishes

Yes!! I finally finished something!

This tote is my March APQ UFO challenge piece, it was all cut out so only took a couple of hours to finish up. Fun spring/summer bag.

First block of Arcadia Avenue, done! Fabrics have arrived for Block 2 so I will get those pre-washed and ready to go tomorrow.

February Millefiore, Rosette #2, done!

While technically not a complete finish, these are each done..............I have reached that point in every crafter's life, I now have more than one knitting project on the go. I will finish each of these however, before I start anything else (resisting crossing my fingers behind my back here!)

Not a finish but a start, finally sewing those strips together.

 After all the units for this size strip were complete I had these strips left. Think I will start the blocks for a smaller quilt for them while I am at it. They will be mainly green with a bit of blue and beige. 

And March Millefiore, Rosette # 3 is calling out to be to just work less.........sigh.

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  1. Love that Arcadia Block! And the Millefiore, looking good.

  2. Great job getting all those projects done! I'm loving your rosette. Bright and fun!

  3. It finally occurred to me to Google "Arcadia Avenue quilt" to see where this is going - it is GOING to be totally GORGEOUS, that's where! Such beautiful BOMs. And socks. And mittens. And bag.
    and, And, many great projects on the go!