Saturday, 7 March 2015

Nothing but works in progress...........

With lots of staff out with a viral bronchitis that is travelling around our town, I have been working  a lot of extra hours. This means my creative life still just involves works in progress. Hopefully one day soon I will have something finished to share!

I thought you might enjoy the contrast between the ridiculously large sock knit with the worsted yarn and the one I have started for my niece in a fingering weight yarn. I find it quite humorous. The giant sock is just awaiting tomorrow's lesson on three needle toe closure. I hope to be more accomplished at that than the Kitchener stitch I attempt now. 

My Millefiore rosette number two progresses as well, just the blocks on the lower left and one more set still on the layout board to complete before I can start assembling. Rosette three pattern and paper pieces lay patiently awaiting their turn.

I have been slowly adding circle quilting to my January's APQ UFO project.

February's project progressed from 5 green blocks to all 7, plus 7 pink ones.

March's project is this tote bag, already cut out. Hope to actually get it completely done this week and thus have a finish!!!

The tedious cutting of scraps for the Candy Coated quilt continues, but thankfully will end with the pile to the left. No wonder I don't sew much! 

I have been admiring the Arcadia Avenue quilt since I saw pictures of it on instagram from Houston Quilt Market. I now have it coming as a block of the month from
  Cherry Tree Quilts in Summerland BC. It is all paper pieced, which although I haven't done any for a while, I really enjoy. I hope to get block one done this week as well. (I am limiting the number of hours I am working as everyone returns to health!)

I will close today with this shot of my smart old boy, nothing like a nap in the sun on a Saturday afternoon. May just go follow his example!

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  1. Like the idea of circle quilting Margaret. Is that through Craftsy? I'm in a definite slump right now - maybe I had too many ideas/dreams or goals. Right now all I seem to do is nap. Must be fighting off something. I'm taking the old boy's example and will lay down shortly.
    Your sock knitting is lovely. Keep on keeping on!