Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Oh What a Busy Day (weeks!)

My life has been so crazy of late that this little title has been repeating itself in my head. 

When my kids were little this was one their favourite books, 
wait until they find out it is considered by some as vintage! HAHA! It was published in 1976 and my kids not long after that. It was re-released in 2010 so a whole new generation can enjoy it.

My busy-ness mainly consists of too much work for this supposed to be retired gal. I hope by the end of next week all will be back to health and from holiday and I can get back to a more retired pace.

I have been able to slowly progress on a few projects, just have the toe decrease left on this pair of socks. I am eager to move on to a new(ish) knitting project.

March's Rosette has suffered the most neglect unfortunately, but that said, it has a LOT of fussy cutting. 

April's pattern was released last night, but my paper pieces haven't arrived yet, it may go a little more quickly, not so many tiny bits.

The scrappy strip quilt really needs to be at the top of the list but it entails actually getting time to sit at the machine, but this quilt has a deadline!!!

The Chandelier quilt along has popped up as my APQ UFO challenge piece for April. I have only just started week two but all those HST are pressed and trimmed, there is a lot of sewing to be done to get to week three!

Oh and I forgot to snap a photo but Arcadia Avenue March block is sitting awaiting my attention too!!!!

Friday is a holiday, hubby will be off skiing so after church it will be all about sewing for the rest of day (unless of course the sun entices me outside!)

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  1. Your fussy cutting is paying off in spades! Wow! Enjoy your sewing day. It might be hard to choose which project to attack!

  2. I love seeing fussy cutting like this. It looks gorgeous the hard work you're putting in shows!

    I know you're already participating in several link-ups as you listed above, but wanted to mention the one I'm trying to get some traction on with our blog. On Friday's I'm hosting Crafty Comment Karma where people a link to any crafting, quilting or sewing post and then ALSO comment on the posts of three others from the link-up! My goal is to help build up our online community, not just with the "big" crafters or quilters, but all of us! Would love to have you join in, here's the link to our latest one.

  3. Your rosette looks fabulous. Definitely worth the fussy cutting!

  4. All of your projects are looking great! The fussy cut rosette is amazing!

  5. I love that fussy cutting. It really makes those blocks. And I am quite intrigued to see what you make of the Chandelier Quilt. Haven't heard of that one before.

  6. Beautiful rosette. I like those knit socks too. I am visiting from Prairie Sewn Studios.

  7. I love your rosette with all of your beautiful fussy cutting.

  8. You have a lot of beautiful projects. I have always wanted to knit socks. I have multiple sets of needles and the patterns. Guess I have been chicken to try. I have the Chandelier quilt a long on my to do list as well. Thanks for sharing this week on Prairie Sewn Studio.