Monday, 4 May 2015

A Good Weekend!

 It all started on Saturday morning, with a little road trip with a friend to the town of Manning, about an hour north of where I live. 
They have a really active quilt guild which meets every week and produces enough new quilts to have a quilt show annually.
I did take pictures at the show but neglected to make note of the makers so I won't be sharing them, sorry.
However, I did meet this really interesting senior gentleman, Mr Gummesen

This gentleman lives in Seniors housing in Manning and does the most AMAZING needlepoint and pettipoint you have ever seen. He began when he ran a trapline and lived in a small trapper cabin, and has continued to hone his craft for the last 40 years. He uses photographs for his patterns so I asked him if he used a computer program to convert them? No, he drafts all his own patterns by hand!

Just a small sampling of the work he had on display. I kept going back over and over as I just could not get enough of his amazing work. A true artist. 

Some fabric had to follow me home, me and my need to make yet another bag!

Some hexie stash enhancement, looking ahead to Rosette 5 while I have yet to finish 3! but that is part of the fun, the planning and hunting for great fabrics.

Saturday evening was a visit to our brand new sushi restaurant, a long time coming! It wasn't amazing Vancouver standard but but pretty acceptable for land locked northern Alberta!

After church on Sunday we headed out to the annual Ukrainian Dance clubs season finale. This is our young friend Maya whom we have watched since she started dancing at 4 or 5 years old. Next year is her last year and we will really miss watching her every spring, what a joy it has been to watch her grow in her passion.

Hubby won the coveted cooler of perogies, sausage and poppy seed cake, lucky us!!! 

Have a super great week everyone and I'll be back soon with yet another progress report on nothing finished! 


  1. Who needs finishes when you can go to a quilt show? Glad you had a great weekend.

  2. I am soooooo jealous that you now have a sushi restaurant. There was one within walking distance of my last apartment in Miami that I miss dearly. Lucky Hubby to win the coveted cooler = congrats!!!