Friday, 5 June 2015

Friday Finishes

I keep saying, if I didn't make bags, I would never have any finishes to show.

While I was making it I kept thinking it was much larger than I expected, so she has been nicknamed Mary Poppins! 
She actually is going to be a nice size for exactly what her official name says, she is my new carry on bag for the trips we will be taking this summer. 

While technically not a finish, I have finished prepping all the hexies for Rosette four. Time to gather them up and clip each one with it mates, and get sewing! (chores first, sadly)

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  1. WTG Margaret! Love the rosette once again! I'm just finishing my #1. Should be able to have a photo up next week!. So great to see your bags. How many do you have? Knowing you, they have probably been donated or gifted. Thanks for sharing your progress! Comment reply to:

  2. Lovely roomy bag. Looks big enough to put all you need for a weekend away in it, not just your hand sewing.

  3. Lovely bag---Mary Poppins had everything in her special bag!! Your rosette is stunning.

  4. What a lovely bag! Good on you