Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

As usual lots in the works but nothing finished!

Now that my sewing room is back together and organized I have located all the pieces to Arcadia Avenue, I am back to making a bit of progress on Block 3

My third Tinker Tote in progress

All the parts are made, now to add pockets to the lining and get it together for my friend Barb.

I saw this tunic on someone that I follow on Facebook and loved it so here are the two fabrics I have lined up to give it a try.

Rosette 5, yah for me! LOL
Six is prepped and ready to go but I am headed out of town for a week to visit with a friend who I miss dearly. I will just knit and drink wine as we visit on her deck overlooking the lake!

Hopefully finish this second sock and start on a poncho I have all lined up to go.

I have this trip plus two more between now and Thanksgiving so I don't expect much progress on anything but knitting. That's OK our long cold winter will be here soon enough and I will be trapped in the house with lots of time to sew.

Lining up with: