Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday Finishes

Well it's really just Hurray for finishing anything. Period. It seems like so long!

These mitts are destined for the mitten tree at church. The yarn was a bit scratchy and the guage not dense enough to be warm enough so I felted them and they are now good to go!

This is the third but certainly not the last Tinker Tote I will make, they are so fun and such an
effective way to use up scraps and as you can see, the odd orphan block. 

This one now belongs to a friend and co-worker.

Finished my Jaywalker socks from last spring. In the end I did have enough yarn to do the toes too but why when you can have fun purple ones instead??

Sadly I lost this game of yarn chicken with about two feet of casting off to do. 
I have been waiting almost two weeks now for the yarn to arrive so hopefully by next Friday it will be on the finished list too!

I was home in BC for Thanksgiving and dragged out the old selfie stick...........

My parents always complained that they could not get nice shots of us girls.......because basically this is as good as it gets! 

My friend Carole posted a lovely Thanksgiving shot of her family so I thought I might share
MY lovely Thanksgiving family shot too! LOL

Halloween will be here next weekend! I cannot believe only one week of October left, where the heck did it go???

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  1. Love your scrappy bag, the quilting is great, nice texture.

  2. Hey, that's three out of four projects done this post - colour me impressed! Love the purple tips on your socks. Nice touch! :-)

  3. I did well to get one project finished and you have several! How does that happen? My favorite are the purple toe socks. And now that you have just a little of the variegated yarn left from the socks, you can make a pair in any color and have variegated toes!

  4. From one Margaret to another, thanks for sharing your lovely work!