Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday Finishes

It's done!! Hurray!! 
It has been made by a beginner and has a few issues, but it's warm and soft and I am pretty happy,  wore out to do my errands today. 

And I finished a quilt! Only the second of the year, but it's done, on the couch and being used.
It was a kit I bought when I bought that couch.....about 7 years ago!

I am trying to expand my quilting repertoire so I attempted to quilt consecutive circles around the dots. It is pretty beginnerish looking but I learned and will try it again in the future.
Much as I love my long-armers, having them do all your quilting means your own skills get quite rusty, so I vow to do more of my own quilting this coming year. Anything bigger than a lap/twin they will get but anything smaller I will do myself and rebuild my skill set. 

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  1. That poncho looks comfy and smart too, nice one : )
    Smashing quilt too, two finishes is well worth celebrating in my eyes!

  2. Perfect circles are tricky to quilt...from what I can see, you did very well! Nothing beats checking two projects off the list in the same week. Way to go!