Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

Hurray for a great mail day!

Finally the yarn to finish my poncho!
Not the same dye lot but I would say it is an exact match
Since I am continually making socks, I decided to treat myself to a set of sock blockers too.

Here she is pre-bath.

Now bathed and blocked and laying glamorously on the basement floor, away from the wood floors and the dogs. Hope it's dry by Finish it Up Friday! May have run a little fan down there to help it along.

One from this year's UFO list finally under the needle, may be finished by Friday, but not likely! I have a library book I have to finish first, that counts as a finish right?

Secret Christmas knitting underway!

Our little modern group started working on blocks from Tula Pink's 100 Modern Blocks last night.

And I managed two blocks in two hours, so it's going to be a Work in Progress for some time to come!

My next shipment of Cotton and Steel arrived yesterday too so it was a great mail day. Decided not to keep hording these bundles and am using them in the above Tula project. I love the lunch box print, brings back great memories (not the bologna sandwiches tho!)

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  1. Oh my, the best kind of mail. Have fun with your new fabric and the blocks.

  2. I like the radiating quilt lines, gotta remember to use tape next time I do it!

  3. Library books definitely count as a finish! Your poncho looks warm and cozy (once it's dry of course). As a non knitter/crocheter - will you need to block it every time you wash it? Enjoy!