Saturday, 5 December 2015

Friday Finishes on Saturday

Always a day late and a dollar short!
But I have actually finished some quilts!
With our daylight being so short it has been hard to find someone to hold my quilts up for outside shots. The day wasn't as bright as I hoped but here they are none the less

This is a kit I bought a few years ago, it has been finished and sandwiched since this time last year.
It does not have a home yet, but the right recipient always comes along at some point

A jelly roll race  quilt I made from the left over strips of another quilt and will be a charity quilt next year from my Thursday quilting group's project.

Now I am off to sew with my guild group for the day!
Hope to get Millefiore block 6 finished today

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  1. Nothing like bright fabric for brightening up the short winter days. You have a lovely bright quilt to work on during the short days.

  2. They both look great, and better yet, finished! Woohoo!

  3. Two great finishes. Well done.

  4. Good for you Margaret. They will be loved I'm sure. I hear ya about the daylight. So gloomy ; (

  5. Such pretty quilts! I am still working on my gray JRR that I was going to applique a big black cat silhouette onto. I hope to get it done soon. Hope you had fun sewing with your guild!