Thursday, 3 December 2015

Throwback Thursday

Seeing as I missed Work in Progress Wednesday, I thought I would bring you Throw Back Thursday, featuring my oldest! UFO
Not sure whether I should be proud or ashamed.

This quilt was started in 1986 (ish) in an advanced hand piecing class........yes, hand piecing, that is how I learned to quilt back in the 80s. No rotary cutters, all handmade templates, either box board or plastic, can't really remember, traced around with pencil, cut out with scissors, then hand pieced together. The quilt was supposed to have 12 blocks, but I had some life altering events happen that year and it got put away. It has been moved many times and ultimately a few years ago I was cleaning out bins and found it again. I decided to cut my losses as I was never going to hand piece the remaining blocks and moved all the fabric to my stash. It got put away again until I was making my UFO list back in January. It has now reached the top of the pile and I have started machine quilting it. 
My goal is to add it to the finished pile by the end of the year...........wish me luck!

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  1. Lol! I'm not sure how you should feel, either, but you can definitely be proud when it's finished!