Monday, 1 February 2016

Playing Catch Up

As you will see by this photo heavy post, even though I haven't blogged, I have been busy!

My first sweater in over 30 years has been a big focus. All the parts are done, now to add the front ribbing and collar. She is not so attractive in this photo, but I am hoping it is just the ugly duckling phase!

With all my knitting my poor Millefiore project has been neglected. As I was waiting for the sweater blocking to dry I finally finished #6.

I love that I can now see how she is coming together and that I can see what colours I might need to add next to keep it somewhat balanced.

My 30 year old UFO is nearing completion. The borders were a bit wavy so I blocked it after this photo and it is now laying pretty flat. Just the binding and sleeve to add. 

This beauty just came back from being quilted by Carole. She has a great blog post on her research and thought process about how she  decided to quilt it. I left that up to her as I completely trust her judgement. I was NOT disappointed. 

Click on these two photos for close ups of the quilting detail.

Binding and sleeve are on and just the hand stitching to go. I am going to use this piece to get back into the habit of labeling my quilts. 

My Thursday quilting group is doing a year long UFO challenge and the above was my January project. I wanted to complete two more blocks on my Arcadia Avenue. I finished the upper left and lower right blocks.

This mess is my February project, it stalled as I could not at the time figure out what my thought process was. I think I got that sorted yesterday so I can just start sewing on Thursday. My hope is to get the top pieced but it is a short month for me as we leave on our winter holiday on Feb 25!!!

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  1. It all looks great, but your Alaskan quilt is devine. I want to look for something similar when I head that way. What store did you find it at?