Friday, 25 March 2016


I thought it would be fun to document the adventures of my socks as they traveled around Belize a few weeks ago, kind of like the flat Stanley kids sent traveling around.

The adventure began with getting my knitting through security, so I switched from my favourite metal needles to bamboo and it was a breeze!

I cast the Mama Lumberjack on during a nasty overnight layover in the Houston airport (NEVER again!) but it was 4am so the thought to take a snap didn't occur to me!

 Our first full day on Caye Caulker it poured rain so we sat on our little deck, enjoyed the view and watched the more adventurous few go by. I was very tempted to bring them snorkeling the next day but decided I didn't need them to get wet riding in the boat.

After a few days we moved on, so they got a little attention as we waited for the water taxi to take us on to our next stop.

We next hopped on a very old Bluebird school bus for the three hour 135km ride up to Corozol, which is only about 15km from the Mexican border.
It was a snug fit for a tall adult!

Our first day to actually sit out and soak up some sun. The water was quite warm here and only got to waste deep until you hit where the water colour changes. I rarely swim in pools while on vacation but the sea was so warm you had to to get cooled off!

We spent a few days exploring the area and experiencing the "wildlife", 

which included the resort's pet coatimudi, and a tarantula we encountered walking home one evening. 

Next we travelled the bus route in reverse and spent overnight in the quirkiest B&B. Looking completely Caribbean on the outside but was this wild combination of Caribbean coloured walls and old English decor.

More rain so we sat on their little upper deck and bird watched. 

On to Hopkins Village, where we encountered more rain!

Almost done the first pair!

Just hanging out between rain showers,

Enjoying a momentary bit of sunshine!

Oh, how Papa Lumberjack loved to wrestle crocs!

And cruise the countryside!

All that rain brought a lot of humidity and the yarn and needles became so sticky I had to read my magazines instead. 

Here we are back in the Belize City airport awaiting our flight to Houston, we thankfully had a few hours to recover from our nauseating flight on a VERY small plane from Dangriga........almost didn't want to get on the next one!

Sadly driving home....

Despite all the rain, we really did enjoy our two week Latitude Adjustment.

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  1. Looks like a fabulous holiday for you, Bruce and your sock yarn!