Sunday, 1 May 2016


I realize I have sort of fallen off the blog radar, so sorry for the absence!

It has been a busy spring in my house for a variety of reasons, spring cleaning inside and out, home renos, and all that those things entail.

I do have some finishes to share..............

Papa Lumberjack socks are finally a hospital ER........that story follows!

One of my quilting groups has an annual UFO challenge, where at the beginning of the year you list 12 UFO`s you want to complete this year. I have been successful so far in accomplishing my goals, some are finishes, some are just progress.

Above is March`s project, from a class last fall called Patchwork Play by Margie Davidson. Quite outside my comfort zone but it is complete|

This a very old UFO that was not on the list but has been sandwiched for a long time. It got dragged to retreat a few weekends ago where I completed most of the quilting. My motivation was to practice some feathers, which I did with some success in those wide yellow borders. 
I am hoping it will go camping with a certain someone this summer.

Chandelier was February`s UFO and I did get the top pieced on time. It went to my friend Judy`s to be quilted, she is a new local long arm quilter, who did a fantastic job! 

Baby panel donation quilt also got quilted at retreat.

This was April`s UFO, piecing completed at retreat. It is now hanging out at Carole`s waiting it`s turn to be quilted.

 And now the story of the trip to the ER...............
This deck is one of our home reno projects, we thought we just needed to replace the decking but soon discovered the whole lower portion was rotten as well. 

Last Friday morning we had this.....

Friday early afternoon we had this.....

Friday evening we were here.............

He was told it was just soft tissue damage (he dropped our utility trailer hitch on it, while getting it out of storage so we could pick up lumber), and to stay off it for a week.
Within 5 minutes they heard from the ortho guy, nope he had broken his second metatarsal on the right foot and we needed to see him the next morning in the hospital 200 km from us.

So we were here waiting by that lovely sign by 8:30 the next morning. A CT scan was necessary to see if it needed to be surgically repaired.  Then we waited....and waited......and knit, and read.......and waited, he wasn`t allowed food or I had to sneak out and find myself some food.............I finished the above mentioned sock and we finally got to see the surgeon. I knit over half that sock between the two ER`s!
That toque is also a finished project, he loves it and was wearing it every day before our current heat wave. 

Thankfully it did not need surgery and he is sporting that lovely footwear for the next 6 weeks. We did have to have it x-ray`d again a few days ago and we await the final surgery decision this week. 
Thanks to wonderful friends the deck in now very near completion and the lawn in mowed!

I have completed or am working on a couple of other projects destined to be gifts as well so overall, despite the crazy sleep deprived weekend last weekend and all of life`s demands, I have not been unproductive in my absence!

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  1. Wow! That's too bad about his foot. Yay for helpful friends too! I love the socks.