Friday, 5 July 2019

Finish It Up Friday

I'm back already! 

One of our wonderful Syrian refugee families had a brand new little Canadian back in May so I whipped this up quickly. A little too quickly I see now, as I can see some places I could have been more careful. 
Welcome Naseem!

A young friend just graduated and his Mom suggested tools as a gift, but that seemed too generic for his friend Margaret to give him! So I "graffiti'd" up a tool box for him instead.  

I managed through the haze of my Mom's passing to get this and the next sweater knit up for my daughter's birthday a few weeks ago. I think the Weekender, as it is with all who knit it, going to be a new favourite for her. I am planning on knitting one for myself this fall. 

I so needed something quick and colorful to "cleanse my knitting palette" after all the grey and beige.  It was quick and rewarding as I am not much of a lace knitting fan so I think I did pretty well with it. It will certainly brighten up some cold winter days. 

Have a great weekend all, may be a while til I post again. I am deeply entering repainting the main floor of my house! 

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

WIP-lash Wednesday

It's been so long since I posted that I thought the best way to start is from now and work my way backwards.

I need to start with part of the reason for the long gap this time was the sudden loss of my Mom back in May. She was 94 so I guess it wasn't that sudden. She was not that well when I saw her at the end of March but was told she was on the mend. I know now that that was likely the beginning of what was the end. I realize it will take some time to be Ok with not having a Mom any more, but I am slowly working on it. 

So on with my current Works In Progress. 

I am FINALLY getting to post reno painting. This ceiling was repaired last August! A colour change will be happening as well, to better match the renos done in the kitchen. 

As for creative WIP's, there are plenty. Those two blouses hanging off the ironing board need to be altered. On the cutting table there is a tote cut out and a pile of fabric to make charity quilts for the fall. 

Not counting what is on the wall, there are two quilts sandwiched and ready to quilt and many FQ's laid out the make project bags to sell at the Christmas market in November

Oh and Miss Millie is FINALLY getting her label/hanging pocket and binding this week/end!

I am about the cast this baby on for a Stephen West Knit Along on Ravelry

And an almost completed cowl I hope to finish this week! 

I hope to be back for a catch up of FO's on Finish it Up Friday! 

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Belated Birthday post

As promised, a bit longer ago than I had intended, some shots from my amazing 60th birthday parties

The first party was my actual birthday and was celebrated with a wine tour in Osoyoos and Oliver, BC. It was such a great day, time with family and an old friend, tasting some great, new to me, wines.

My beautiful daughters at the last stop of the day

We had a really nice dinner out the night before, pictured here are again, my daughters, plus my sisters and a dear friend.

The weekend theme continued with this amazing cake!

My hubby had a party at home for me the following weekend...........more cake of course!

A group of wonderful friends (and a furry photo bomber) who helped me continue the celebration.
Birthdays that go on for a few weeks are the best!

Now for a few projects I have been working on. 

I won a charm pack of Tula fabrics at our guild retreat a couple of years ago and had always intended to do this with them. I chose to "make fabric", that will soon become a little zippered project bag

I've been in sweater knitting mode this year and this makes my third one!

I took a bit of time off the sweater to knit and felt this tote bag, quick and rewarding knit with bulky yarn. 

Made a bit of progress on my Laura Heine, The Dress, collage project. I added the borders to my background, which is all cut and fused from a fat quarter bundle. I added the Tula print border, then fused her down and added a few more applique bits. 

Once this is sandwiched, the suggested method of quilting is simply lines to secure everything. I think I will crosshatch this but not quilt her face. I have added some stitching to define some features and make them pop a bit more.

I cast on a new sweater last night and have a new hexie project prepped and ready to start so if you need me, I'll be in my chair watching movies..........

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Big Weekend

It is finally upon me, the weekend I turn the big 6-0! 
I am headed off tomorrow to spend a great weekend with all my best girls and I cannot wait!
I am not the least bit concerned about that number, I am actually proud of the woman I am, inside and out as I arrive into "senior citizenship". It's been hard won and I will enjoy every second of it to it's fullest. 

On to some finishes from the last few weeks.

One of the twelve completed "heart and home" blocks from a weekly sewing group challenge, to be assembled at a future date.

A crazy only partially successful felted bowl experiment

A challenging Boronia Bowler Bag by Blue Calla, actually it was just the zipper that was challenging due to the bulk of the foam interfacing. Note to self when it says to trim back before top stitching........please do so!

My "Uppercut" sweater, which I will get a pic of me wearing when I have a good photographer to help me, was a joy to knit once I get the pattern figured out. It was originally in German and I started referring to it as "Lost in Translation".

Two Schoolhouse Tunics that had been cut out last summer and were really quite quick once I sat down and finished them. 

The Market Street Apron, fabric was from Quilt Canada last June, so not my oldest UFO by any means!

My current sweater, I am calling this the year of the hand knit sweater, is Tin Can Knit's Old Growth. Even though they look like socks, I am actually knitting two sleeves at the same time.

 The Dress will be the UFO I pick up once I am home next week. 

I am systematically working my way through what is piled around in and on the design wall of my sewing room. Once those are done, I will go through the baskets and bins on my shelves to see what I will finish and what I will let go of.

Retirement still rocks! 

Have a great rest of the week  and I will be back with a few pics of my weekend to share!

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Hello again

It's been a long while since my last post, but I was no longer enjoying this process so it was time to let it take a break. 
Recently retired and having renewed energies for my passions I am back.

It is not that I haven't been creating during this absence, that won't end for me until I am physically or mentally incapable of it, a long, long time from now I hope!

There is no way I can post all those finishes so I will just pick up from where I am and carry on.

To start, my new header was a photo taken on a recent trip to Mexico, baby turtle release was on my bucket list and it was a very joyful, amazing experience for both my husband and I.

Unfortunately the other side of that is recent diagnosis of friends with various cancers and being a quilter and I knitter, I did what I know how to do to try to add some comfort on their journeys 

A friend and I dug into our scrap bins and made this strip quilt for a work friend of mine

and a chemo hat for a quilting friend

 a couple things for me!

and a little sweater for  a new great-nephew

Have a great week and "see" you back here sooner!